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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mugs Galore!

So my sister got married a week or so ago. With only a 3 month engagement most of the wedding was simple, yet beautiful... except for the favors which were personalized mugs. Beautiful? Yes. Simple? Not when you have 197 of them and a complex design! Nonetheless... here they are. Everyone was really impressed and glad to receive something they could use instead of just a tin of mints.

(Photo credits to Cindy Hurst and Jerry Connolly)

$5 each 
Please contact me for bulk pricing

I bought one on my own and had some fun for my SIL who loves tea and Lionel Richie...

 I think they turned out pretty cute!

It's one double sided mug also for $5 each. I should note that these are machine washable!


Veronica Vargas said...

Hi, I am interested in wedding favors.. I noticed you're not active on this blog. Have you moved it somewhere else? Let me know.. Email me at .. I also blog over at


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