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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Bottles

At just $5 each, these bottles would make a great baby gift! Can be done in pink or blue, with any name, sayings, and color combination. This one says "Gavin... Daddy's Little Hunting Buddy."

Tile Coasters

Protect your coffee table with these heavy duty, felt backed, tile coasters! 

3 coasters for $10

Smaller Plaques

The smaller, more budget friendly beauties are sure to add a little pop to any room in your home.

Ranging from $5 to $15

X-Large Wall Plaques

Check out some of my more popular creations... XL wall plaques. Measuring approximately 20 inches long and 12 inches wide, these beauties are sure to make a focal point in your home.

$35 each
(For those of you trying to talk me down to $20, check out etsy and ebay. They can go for around $90!)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mickey Invites

My baby is turning 3!!! I couldn't decide what theme we should have for his party this year so I showed him a picture of a Mickey cake, Angry Birds cake, and Thomas and Friends cake and asked which he wanted for his birthday. After a second of hard thinking he screeched "MICKEYYYY!!!!" That settled that! I did a quick search on Pinterest to find Mickey party ideas and was pleasantly surprised by amount of stuff out there! I found some cute invites and recreated them. Turned out pretty cute, I think!
*sorry about the photo quality*

Custom Invites 
$20 for 15 invites
*price can vary with complexity

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm super excited to finally be able to do t-shirts. I couldn't justify buying the material to try on my own for fun. A past customer randomly texted me asking if I could make shirts for her daughter's graduation and I jumped at the opportunity.
(Sorry about the photo quality. My camera has disappeared so had to settle for pics from my phone.) *Sidenote- if anyone out there feels like donating a fancy schmancy camera to the cause, I wouldn't say no:)


Our town colors are yellow and black, but I can do just about any color imaginable. Personalize with the graduates name on the front and your name on the back.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mugs Galore!

So my sister got married a week or so ago. With only a 3 month engagement most of the wedding was simple, yet beautiful... except for the favors which were personalized mugs. Beautiful? Yes. Simple? Not when you have 197 of them and a complex design! Nonetheless... here they are. Everyone was really impressed and glad to receive something they could use instead of just a tin of mints.

(Photo credits to Cindy Hurst and Jerry Connolly)

$5 each 
Please contact me for bulk pricing

I bought one on my own and had some fun for my SIL who loves tea and Lionel Richie...

 I think they turned out pretty cute!

It's one double sided mug also for $5 each. I should note that these are machine washable!